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There are many causes of hair loss in men and women, including disease, nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, and stress. Most men between the ages of 20 and 50 suffer from some kind of hereditary baldness or alopecia androgenetica. Alopecia is simply the medical term for hair loss. Androgenetic refers to the fact that both a genetic predisposition to balding, and the influence of 'Hydro Testosterone' or males hormones play a part in hair loss.

There is also a third factor, which is the passage of time, or aging.

In order for 'Androgenetic Alopecia' to happen, there must be a genetic disposition for hair loss, the presence of the male hormone "Hydro Testosterone', and you must be of a certain age allowing sufficient time for the first two factors to take their full effect or influence on the hair follicles.

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