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Free, honest and accurate advice is what you can expect from Aesthetic Clinics. We will only treat you if we are convinced that we can achieve a natural result from an aesthetic point.

Our main aim is to provide the best possible advice and solution tailored to suit your specific needs. It is, therefore, important that we get to know you personally because only through a free consultation can we assess your individual needs, and discuss the following topics in great detail:-

  1. the hair loss is not caused as a result of a medical or physical illness
  2. there are sufficient hair roots to successfully carry out the treatment from an aesthetic point of view
  3. the technique and procedure of the treatment have been fully explained
  4. you are fully aware of any temporary side-effects
  5. you fully understand what to expect from the final result.


What our customers say

Aesthetic Clinics provided me with a top class service - I can not begin to describe how happy I am with my results. I would recommend this company to anybody looking to have FUE hair loss treatment done.

By T Ansari

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