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To achieve a natural and aesthetic look it is important that only Single grafts(follicles with one hair root) are used for the new hairline. Double grafts (follicles with two hair roots) and Triple grafts (follicles with three or more hair roots) are used to cover the area further to the back of the head.

The technique for redistributing your own hair is extremely simple. All the donor hair is harvested from the peripheral rim of the head. The hair in these areas is not subjected to hereditary baldness or the male hormone Hydro Testosterone. The hair is programmed to live forever and can therefore be used and redistributed to other areas of the head.

A scanner determines the best possible redistribution of the hair roots to the bald or thinning areas. A specially developed instrument is used to make superfine channels in the skin in which the grafts are subsequently placed. The Micro-incisions  heal very quickly because the procedure is only superficial and non-invasive. The result is totally natural and the hair is guaranteed to grow for life.

The hair re-distribution techniques we use are :-

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE

Hair Pigmentation Treatment or HPT

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