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It is important that during the first two weeks after the treatment you take good care of yourself. Always follow the Aftercare Instructions or any other instructions given to you at the clinic. Any heavy-duty work, involving lifting or sport must be avoided (Strip Donor treatment only).

You should also stay out of the sun, in particular, avoid sunbathing or sitting in direct sunlight.After treatment, the scalp remains sensitive to ultra-violet radiation for some time. However, should this not be possible, wear a lightweight cap.

Rest as much as possible and, in case of swelling, use cold compresses positioned at the top of the forehead. Fresh air is also good for the healing process. Regular walks on a beach (if living near the sea) or woods are very advisable.

Do not be alarmed if most of the re-distributed hairs have fallen out. This is quite normal due the lack of oxygen that the roots suffered during the treatment. The first new and permanent hair will start to appear after approximately 3 months and will continue to do so for another 5-6 months.


At first the new hair will be thin and downy but, as they mature, they will grow thicker and stronger. The final result takes 12 to 13 months. By that time, all the new hair will have matured. The original bald or thinning area will now have new natural hair growth that will need to be cut regularly.

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